Materiality and Writing

It instantiates in its material form a Cartesian separation of mind and body, with text aspiring to the ideality and self pres

My oh My

Don't know what else to say except I'm intrigued by this. ... Though I think i am not looking for a housewife, i am looking

Late Questions

It is not that words don't have meanings, but that to write and argue in a way where meaning is thought to be fixed, and as Ja

Untitled 5

Alene has a good post linking Barthes, the writerly, and k-films. This way of seeing how the theory can help to understan

Dating and Dancing

So the ballet example makes a lot of sense for Annie, but I'd be interested in the distinction I tried to make between work as


This film over there will have the 'work' character as just not able to see life, and the 'text' character will be the one tha

Pipes and Cones

Personally I think the Barthes' essay is highly focussed, it is how many words about one idea with two terms 'work', and 'text

Not Working

Sophie has thumbnail notes from the second lecture, which just reminds me that it really didn't make a lot of sense. Alene

Getting Roland

How, in our world, of ideas, of thinking what a story might be, or mean, or what media will look like in five years, can we ev


Kathryn it turns out has a medical science degree (I'm impressed, I know how much work that involves), and contrasts medical

To Repudiate

We have to follow it, and he does (keeping in mind this is a translation), but as text it will play with language as not only

Barthes Again

So the essay is not a reporting of what I think, or know, which would be more like the idea of the work, but is a thinking in