Aesthetic matters: writing and Cultural Studies: Cultural Studies: Vol 0, No 0

What would it mean to treat Cultural Studies as a project that has had amongst its accomplishments the production of new forms

Article: Literary images: towards a phenomenology of cinematic writing

Might have already posted this: “The aim of this essay is to conceptualize a field of cinematic signification as a funct

Literary images: towards a phenomenology of cinematic writing | Screen | Oxford Academic

My problem with this abstract (have yet to read the paper) is that ‘writing’ seems to be equated to a published te

Measuring Proficient Teachers Codifies Bad Teaching – Medium

This so conforms to my experience Rubrics, they argue, ultimately fail complex human behaviors such as writing. While rubrics

Bright Write

I’ve managed to sneak away for five days to a small cabin in Bright to edit a lot of things that need editing. I’v

Building a concept map with Tinderbox — Dominique Renauld

Nice screenshots about using Eastgate’s Tinderbox for concept maps. With useful dot-points-as-sentences on how to make a

Syncing Scrivener for IOS

Useful reminder of how to sync desktop and iOS Scrivener. (Simple via dropbox/Apps/Scrivener….) from Delicious: http://i

The Five Senses: A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies (Bloomsbury Revelations): Michel Serres: 9781474299640: Amazon.com: Books

The blurb: Marginalized by the scientific age the lessons of the senses have been overtaken by the dominance of language and t

Interactive Documentary Aesthetics Pamphlet

I convened a panel at Visible Evidence XXII (2015, Toronto) around interactive documentary aesthetics. The format required eac

Rees Quilford TEXT Vol 20 No 2

PhD student of mine, Rees Quilford. Reflective piece. from Delicious: http://ift.tt/2emolAC

Word Bytes

from Delicious: http://ift.tt/2dejnGa

Small-Gauge Scholarship | Mediapolis

Small-gauge scholarship. Yet to read but intrigued, piqued, and excited by this. from Delicious: http://ift.tt/28NtONv