I teach within the Media program of the School of Applied Communication, and am also the coordinator of the labsome Bachelor of Communication Honours program. Within the media program I am responsible for the second year Integrated Media courses (across both semesters) and was responsible for developing the curriculum used in Editing Media Texts and Networked Media (first year subjects).

Integrated Media is a subject that is compulsory for all second year media students and introduces students to videoblogging, interactive QuickTime, podcasting, and then leads into social software in its various manifestations. I currently teach the first semester which revolves around making multilinear video works in Korsakow. Both semesters assume and require students to produce research that is public, and deeply intertwingled into the network. This is done on the understanding that any media graduate this century must be literate in contemporary information networks, and that such literacy is considerably more than knowing how to use Google.

I used to reblog material for one subject at the media mog blog, and an archive of very basic course guides is being built too. I now use this blog for the course writing.

Details of the labsome honours program are available at http://labsome.rmit.edu.au.

Archive of the interactive video works made by students is available at http://vogmae.net.au/classworks/