vog (a BETA videoblog)

Wednesday Bergen
created: 6 December 2000

This is the video that was used in the vogma manifesto post. This was the manifesto I wrote outlining what I thought videoblogging should be. I still subscribe to these ideas.

The video was shoot on the bus from Oslo airport into the city, I played with the sound by taking a shorter duration of sound from the QuickTime clip and then stretching it in QuickTime Pro to match the image track. The film uses a QuickTime text track but it now renders the text very oddly so I have embedded this at twice it's size, which actually looks better.

The original post (and manifesto):

vogma, a manifesto [in no particular order]

  1. a vog respects bandwidth
  2. a vog is not streaming video (this is not the reinvention of television)
  3. a vog uses performative video and/or audio
  4. a vog is personal
  5. a vog uses available technology
  6. a vog experiments with writerly video and audio
  7. a vog lies between writing and the televisual
  8. a vog explores the proximate distance of words and moving media
  9. a vog is dziga vertov with a mac and a modem