The Emperor's New Clothes

This World Wide Web docuverse appears courtesy of Media International Australia, where the original print version of this essay was pubished in Media International Australia, No. 81, August 1996.

This essay is available in three formats, each rewritten in substantially different ways. This is the World Wide Web version, there is the published print version (as detailed above) and a Storyspace hypertext version, available from the file distribution directory page of the Communication Studies Working Web. This essay consists of five major sections, and within each section there are subsidary arguments and sections.

While this WWW version preserves a substantial amount of the linearity of the print version of the essay numerous links have been embedded in the work so that the reader is able to slide through the essay in a much more thematic manner than is possible on paper.

In addition all the external references are linked to Web sites or pages (where appropriate), hence the 'boundary' of this text is obviously much more fluid (and vulnerable) than its print cousin.

the major sections

introduction | convergences | divergences | rhizomes | bibliography