hypertext theory

Hypertext theory that looks to literary and critical theory (and so is explicitly interdisciplinary in its endeavour) in English has a small group of significant writers, who all rely on various poststructural theories or theorists to engage with, describe, promote, or criticise hypertext.

In all these approaches hypertext is understood to be a particular technology of reading and writing, and quite particularly to enact or perform what poststructuralism (loosely and broadly speaking) has defined or characterised as the implicit and immament qualities of textuality qualities that poststructuralism has also suggested are disguised, disavowed, or concealed in traditional accounts of what texts are, and what they do.

In other words those values that the traditional or classical text is understood to aspire to or represent (clarity, authorial intentionality, singular argument and meaning, regularity of tone or voice) and that poststructuralism demonstrates to the implicit and always already active in all texts, become the qualitative and formal basis of what such theory thinks hypertext might, or should, be.