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Currents: An E-Journal Realism and a General Economy of the Link

by Adrian Miles 
InterMedia UiB and RMIT 

Currents in Electronic Literacy Spring 2001 (4), < 

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Landow's emphasis on the legibility and use value of link structures remains reasonably consistent. In his more recent Hypertext 2.0, for instance, we read:

Since hypertext and hypermedia are chiefly defined by the link, a writing device that offers potential changes of direction, the rhetoric and stylistics of this new information technology generally involve such change -- potential or actual change of place, relation, or direction. Before determining which techniques best accommodate such change, we must realize that, together, they attempt to answer several related questions: First, what must one do to orient readers and help them read efficiently and with pleasure? Second, how can one help readers retrace the steps in their reading path? Third, how can one inform those reading a document where the links in that document lead? Finally, how can one assist readers who have just entered a new document to feel at home there? (124)

Currents: An E-Journal