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This is an experimental hypertext site using HTML.

It is an essay about what hypertext is, and it performs what it says.

While making use of various images it is text driven, and like all such projects is a combination of the personal, the contingent, and the theoretical.

It relies on Netscape version 2 or greater. This is not my usual policy in WWW publication and design, but this site is less about the WWW and much more about hypertext per se. As far as I'm aware these pages are HTML 3.0 compliant, and they make use of gifs and jpegs (depending on which yields the more economical file). Netscape 2 seems to do the best job of the browsers I'm familiar with of dealing with the HTML elements contained on these pages.

What happens...

The web pages that make up this site use the HTML <meta> tag to provide a client side push where pages are loaded serially. You can attempt to intervene at any point by clicking on an image, a word, or a letter. In most cases where a link is available it will randomly place you back into the series, however in some cases the HYPERWEB 'expels' the reader.

If you simply let the pages cycle then the HYPERWEB will take about 6 or 7 minutes to return to its beginning (if you've already loaded the graphics - see below), but if you intervene you can end up anywhere.

Making it work

These pages require Netscape version 1.1 or greater. Version 2.0 is recommended. These pages are located on my hypertext.rmit Server at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and this can mean that the pages;

In addition the server that I am using is an old Macintosh running a very old version of MacHTTP. This will be replaced in mid June, 1996, with a new Web server, and this site will be migrated to the new server as soon as it is available.

To speed delivery of the pages you can download a page that has all the images that this site uses, then move into the site proper. This is advantageous because Netscape caches these graphics, which means that rather than wait to download them it just delivers them as needed from your own cache. This means the pages will run as they're supposed to.

You should make sure that you have Netscape configured to automatically load images (I usually turn this off, but you sort of miss the point with this site if you don't see the pictures - there isn't much else).

Technical specs

The pages were written in Storyspace v.1.3 (Eastgate Systems) then exported as HTML files. They were edited substantially using PageSpinner and BBEdit. All work has been done on a Macintosh Quadra 630 (20MB RAM, 500MB drive) and a Macintosh Duo 250 (12MB RAM +RamDoubler, 200MB drive). An Apple Colour One Scanner was used for the graphics, graphics editing by Photoshop, and that's about it.

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