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The pictures

This page contains all the images that the HYPERWEB site contains. By loading all the graphics on this page they will be cached by Netscape so that when you enter the HYPERWEB the pages will load at an appropriate speed (you will not have to wait for the images to come down your phone line). Once all the gifs are loaded simply click on the HYPERWEB links above, or at the bottom of this page, to enter the HYPERWEB.

The table at the bottom of this page lists all the images used in this site. Simply click on the image name, the picture will be loaded into a separate window, then use the 'back' or 'return' button on your browser to get back to this page. Once all the images have been viewed your browser, and internet connection, will survive the site.

a technical note

I had originally written this page so that all the graphics would just load (assuming you had the 'auto image load' option checked in Netscape). However I have changed this for two reasons

  1. It regularly crashed my version of Netscape as there are 20 odd pictures here and things seemed to jam as it opened the various connections.
  2. Netscape is usually configured to have four network connections open at any one time but this doesn't mean four discrete connnections, it means that as soon as it 'calls' a gif (one connection) and the gif starts loading Netscape regards this as 'finished' and opens another. This means that the one client ends up getting a lot of my server's bandwidth since one client very quickly manages to be asking for all of the pictures at once. So, this page is now designed for you, dear reader, to retrieve the images, and this actually improves access to the server and the number of clients it can support simultaneously.


If you have downloaded the HYPERWEB via FTP to your own computer then you do not need to manually preview all the images. Simply follow the connection to THE HYPERWEB, making sure you have your browser set to automatically load images.

The Pictures
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17.gif 18.gif 19.gif
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