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The Chris Marker Authorised Filmography

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Written by Adrian Miles.

The exhibition catalogue for Marker's 1995 "Silent Movie" contains a filmography and bibliography that have been compiled by Marker and are the more or less 'authorised' versions of each. I have included these here, partly out of interest, and specifically out of respect for Marker.

On the on hand one does not wish to exclude from consideration those texts which Marker wishes to distance or disown from his oeuvre. On the other, having Marker identify a body of work that he regards as constituting his oeuvre is extremely helpful to any project that wishes to discuss what the 'Marker text' might be, and is certainly illuminating in terms of any reasonable hermeneutic enterprise.

Marker has divided his work up into useful categories in compiling his preferred filmography. I have followed this here.

Feature films
Film shorts
Video haikus
Music video
Co-directed films
Collective films


Chris Marker Bibliography
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Chris Marker's Audio Visual Texts

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