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The Bibliographies

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Written by Adrian Miles.

This bibliography has been divided into sections. This is principally for ease of use (so the reader can get to where they think they want to go faster, and so you don't have to wait so long for a page to arrive) but also simply to help structure the material.

These references have been sourced from many different locations and in my experience some have been incorrect.

Where a text is in a language other than English this is noted in square brackets following the entry.

Finally, interviews with Marker, and various articles written by Marker (principally appearing in Esprit) are found on the page devoted to Marker's written work.

General Bibliography

This contains the general reference sources I have used to compile the filmography, as well as general film reference books that have been useful in compiling information about Marker. I have recently added several general theoretical texts here that discuss Marker in more than a cursory manner.

Review Bibliography

This contains essays and journal articles that are principally reviews of Marker's films. Some may offer significant theoretical commentary, but they are, principally, about a specific film or films. In general the essays here are unattributed (which is one of the reasons I decided to put them on their very own page).

Theoretical and Critical Bibliography

This has essays that deal with Marker and/or his work in what might be described as a critically informed manner. It is obvious that the division between the contents of this bibliography and the previous one are at times arbitrary but in general the essays found here are distinguished by their attempt to deal with Marker's oeuvre, with documentary, or film an aspect of film theory, rather than an effort to offer a reading of a particular film.

If there are further texts that I have not listed here please contact me so that they can be incorporated (simply point and click on my name below). Full credit will be given to those who provide me with additional information.

Chris Marker's Writings

This is a listing of the written work of Marker. It includes film reviews, essays, poetry, script collections, and other odds and ends.


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