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Elia Kazan.

(1909 - )

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L'Héritage de la chouette. (1989)

Greek born Kazan emmigrated to the United States with his family in 1913 (he was born Elia Kazanjioglou) and studied drama at the Yale School of Drama. He first worked as an actor with the Group Theatre and rose to prominence as a stage director of significant note.

Following the Second World War Kazan became increasingly involved in filmmaking, first as an actor then as a director. A former member of the Communist Party of America Kazan 'named names' to the House of Un-American Activities Committee which guaranteed him to be an always controversial figure.

Regardless of these issues Kazan is probably best remembered for a body of work that is marked by extraordinary performances, a strong social awareness, and a certain brand of realism. He remained always an actor's director and founded, with Lee Strasburg, the Actor's Studio in 1947.

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