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Hanns Eisler.

(1898 - 1962)

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Nuit et brouillard. (1955)

German born film composer (who after being deported from the United States in 1948, wrote the East German national anthem) studied at the Vienna Conservatory before spending time as a student of Schönberg's. Eisler worked with Brecht in Germany before leaving in 1933 for Holland, England, France and the USSR. Eisler was a modernist avant-garde composer whose Marxism was one of the reasons for his deportation from the U.S. after being an 'unfriendly witness' to the House of Un-American Activities Committee (McCarthy). Her he continued his film work and in 1947 co-wrote Composing for the Films with Theodor W. Adorno, one of the most influential philosophers and cultural critics of this century.

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