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Chris Marker Image Library

Part of the Chris Marker World Wide Web Site.
Written by Adrian Miles.

There are small collections of stills available for:
La Jetée.
The Last Bolshevik.
Sans soleil.

Technical Details

All inline graphics are gif files. (Inline graphics are the pictures that appear on the page, gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format.)

On the Image Library pages for each title there is a thumbnail gif image (a small version) which, if selected, will download a larger gif. There is also a text link to a jpeg version of the same file. If you want to play with the image in a graphic editing program (such as Photoshop) then you should get the jpeg, it contains more information. However, just selecting it to view the file does not put in on your computer. To do this you need to tell your browser to save the link as a "save as..." or "save next link as..." This will download the jpeg to your computer.

If you don't know what jpeg is, or don't have any graphics editing programs, then this probably will be a waste of time for you to do (you will wait for it to be downloaded, only to find out that you can't see it).

Remember, if you want to get a copy of the graphic onto your computer you have to do more than just look at it, you have to tell your browsing program to download it.

If there are any questions about the above (or if you just don't understand what I'm talking about) email me for some help, or check out the online help for your WWW browser (it will be hanging around under one of the menu's somewhere).

Image resolution

Please note that because the stills found here have been digitised from videotape they only have a resolution of 72dpi. This is fine for computer screens, but very poor for printing (well, worse than poor). If you have an appropriate graphics editing program this can be manipulated so that it will print at significantly better quality. I have not done this with the jpegs for downloading as it adds a great deal of file size and the manipulations needed to be performed depend on the printer used for final output. However, adding dots per inch for better printing cannot add any more visual information to what is originally digitised at 72dpi.


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