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Joris Ivens.

(1898 - 1989)

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Marker's credits
A Valparaiso (1963)
Loin du Viêtnam (1967)
Rotterdam-Europort (1966)

Dutch born director who studied economics and photochemistry but is best known for his influential style of documentary making:
"His editing style employed the principles of Russian montage editing, at the same time displaying an impressionistic lyricism, often focused on continuity of movement, which remains unsurpassed. His sound films often utilized a dialectical relationship between sound and image, and several times he enjoyed significant collaborations with literary artists. . . .
Iven's distinguished career is so prolific that it can only be suggested . . . A teacher, political activist and visual artist, as well as award-winning documentarist, he continued to remain active until his death at the age of 90." (Monaco, et al., p.277.)

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