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La Jetée Image Library.

Part of the Chris Marker World Wide Web Site.
Written by Adrian Miles.

This contains a collection of stills from La Jetée. If you need help knowing how to view these thumbnails, or how to get a copy of the graphics file onto your computer, please read the bit of technical information available on the Image Library page.

(These stills have been digitised from a video copy of the film and have been electronically manipulated.)

The Images.

The Paris skyline, after the War. (The jpeg version.)

The 'mad scientist'. (The jpeg version.)

The experiments. (The jpeg version.)

The man rests. (The jpeg version.)

There were real birds . . . (The jpeg version.)

He shows the woman where he comes from. (The jpeg version.)

The woman sleeps. (The jpeg version.)

A woman from the future. (The jpeg version.)

The rewitnessed death. (The jpeg version.)

The women watches his death. (The jpeg version.)


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