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Miguel Littín.

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Written by Adrian Miles.

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Viva el Presidente. (Le Recours de la méthode.)(1978)

Littín is a Chilean born director and producer who was made head of Chile's film industry by the Allende government in 1970. After Allende's overthrow in 1973 Littín fled to Mexico, where he continued to work in exile. In 1985 Littín managed to enter Chile and make General Document on Chile for Cuban television. Littín has also worked with the Instituto Nicaraguense de Cine (INCINE) to direct Alsino y el Condor (Alsino and the Condor, 1983). He is a contemporary of Patricio Guzmán's and between them they have been responsible for some of the most exciting documentaries to have been made during the Allende years.



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