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Sans soleil image library.

Part of the Chris Marker World Wide Web Site.
Written by Adrian Miles.

This is a selection images from Sans soleil. If you need help in being able to view these thumbnails, or in getting the larger files attached to the thumbnails, then have a look at the image library page.

These stills have been digitised from videotape and have been electronically manipulated.

The images

A vertical people ... (The jpeg version.)

All the groups are run by men ... (The jpeg version.)

The dog who waited ... (The jpeg version.)

She drops me her glance ... (The jpeg version.)

The more you watch Japanese tv, the more you realise it watches you. (The jpeg version.)

Children on a clifftop in Iceland. (The jpeg version.)

A fascination with the sacred. (The jpeg version.)

Did you know that there are emus on the Ille de France? (The jpeg version.)

Dedicated to cats ... (The jpeg version.)

Carnival in Bisseau. (The jpeg version.)


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