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Technical Information

Part of the Chris Marker World Wide Web Site.
Written by Adrian Miles.


These pages pretty much conform to HTML v.2.0 conventions. There are a few bits and pieces of HTML 3 used, and as far as I am aware these do not interfere with the pages if your browser does not support these features.

Text Based Browsers

If you are using a text based browser please note that most of the French characters will not appear properly. For example the acute 'e' will, in Lynx, simply be substituted for an 'i'. Hence if the second 'e' in 'Jetée' appears as an 'i' and not as an acute e then do not rely on the spelling as it appears here! This is unfortunate and will remain a problem in the short term.


All inline graphics are gifs (Graphics Interchange Format). Where images are available for downloading (the image libraries) the files' thumbnail graphics are in gif format and the download files are in jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format. This means that to view these images the appropriate software, viewers, or graphics translators need to be available on your computer.

If you are using a graphical WWW browser (Netscape, MacWeb, Mosaic, etc) then these images should be viewable.

Unfortunately the graphics will be unavailable in a text based viewer. If I get time I will rewrite the appropriate pages so that the files will be downloadable from Lynx, but for now they are not.

This is unfortunate but each republishing takes about a week of solid work trying to get the pages in shape and just getting them on the net becomes more important than covering every viewing possibility.

Image depth (that's colour to the rest of us)

All thumbnail images are in 8bit colour or grey scale, this means they use 256 colours or shades of grey. More colours look better, obviously, but also means a considerably larger file, and also more extensive (and expensive) hardware for viewing.

Black and white jpegs are 8bit, but colour jpegs are 16bit (thousands of colours).

Video stills

The video stills used on these pages have all been from VHS video tape copies of the films. They were digitised on a Macintosh Quadra 660AV (God's gift to personal computing) using Avid VideoShop v.3.0.1. (with a lot of reliance on the AV Digitiser Options extension for the black and white images). No particular tricks, and definitely no bells and whistles required - all straight out of the box.

A result of this is that all images have a resolution of only 72dpi (dots per inch) which means if you want to print them then you need a decent image editing program to actually add more information to the images. This will not produce more detail, since this is determined by the original capture of the image, but will improve their print quality. At 72dpi they are just fine for viewing on computer monitors.

WWW Authoring

These pages were originally written in Storyspace v.1.3, a hypertext authoring environment, then exported in HTML format with final editing performed in HoTMetaL PRO v.1.0.


All work has been done on either:
Macintosh Quadra 660AV with 8MB of RAM (+ RamDoubler), double speed internal CDROM, 230MB internal drive, and a 1GB external drive
Macintosh LC630 20MB of RAM, double speed internal CDROM, 500MB internal drive, and the LC630 video card/

The principal graphics software used for this has been Avid VideoShop v3.0.1., Adobe Photoshop LE v.2.5.1, GraphicConverter v.2.0.7, and Transparency v.1.0.


Film, book, and journal titles have not been italicised but are presented as underlined text. This is because italicised print on a computer monitor is often difficult - if not impossible - to read.

If you wish to cite these pages in your work (and by all means feel free to do so) then I believe the current accepted practice is the following:
[Author of Pages] [Name of Page/s] [Name of Site (if applicable) [<location>] [date] [Type of publication.] Date Accessed.

Hence this page is:
Miles, Adrian. "Technical Stuff". Chris Marker WWW site. <technical_stuff_445.html>, 1995. [World Wide Web Publication.] Accessed July 1995.


My email address is at the bottom of every page as a 'clickable' address. Simply place the cursor on the email address to send me email.


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Last Updated, July 1995.

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