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As I mention on the homepage this "what's new" page is a simple way for regular visitors to see what has been added. Its use will probably vary, with links to other pages where there is new information, or the new information (for example new theoretical essays) collected here between rewriting and republishing the site.

The big news

This site has been moved from a hobbiest internet site (and much thanks to Stuart and Rik at netspace.net.au for letting me set up there in the first place) to an institutional site, under the auspices of the Department of Communication Studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. This should make access much faster than what it has been in the past, as well as providing more room for future growth. After all, as Marker recently said, "if you want films to show, I have to make them first."

The other news...

Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys has been released in America. This film is based on Marker's La Jetée, and I'm yet to see it, but the reports I've received have been mixed.

In the image library there are now 10 stills from Sans soleil.

The essay written by Marker for the Silent Movie exhibition catalogue, "The Rest is Silent".

The Rest is Silent installation is now at the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and some information is available at http://www.sva.edu/moma/videospaces/index.html.

There is an excellent page on Marker and Silent Movie at Berkeley, which includes some comments by Jean-Pierre Gorin. (Thanks to Steve Seid of the Pacific Film Archive at Berkeley for this.)

There are a couple of new additions to the audiovisual filmography (if someone can come up with a more appropriate term, please don't hesitate to send it) - Silent Movie, Level Five, and Immemory.
Marker's 'authorised' filmography (again courtesy of the Silent Movie installation catalogue)

A few more pictures sprinkled through some pages.

More references to Marker's written work.

The script of La Jetˇe is now available.

We now have two entries in the guest page (I know, I know, an almighty two).

And the beginnings of an index to the site, (hot linked at the bottom of each page).


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