Singin' in the Rain
a hypertextual analysis

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This essay first appeared in Postmodern Culture, Volume 8, Number 2, 1998 and is 'mirrored' here with permission.

This work presents a hypertextual reading of a key sequence, the song-and-dance number "You Were Meant for Me," from Kelly and Donen's 1956 musical Singin' in the Rain. The sequence is read as characteristic of the film's general semiotic principles, which combine several levels of seduction to establish an aesthetic claim for a properly musical cinema.

This reading represents an experiment or heuristic exercise meant to discover possibilities for interpretation (not just of film but of any complex text) in multi-linear, hypermedia presentation. Forced into an artificially singular sequence, the components of this reading might seem elliptical and repetitive; they are designed to be explored from various perspectives and in differing combinations. Though it has an argument and an interpretive agenda, this is not so much an essay as a text in the deepest sense: a fabric of ideas deeply and multiply connected.

There is of course always more than one way to read a hypertext. All the components of this text are listed in the table at right. You could begin with the numbered pages at the top of this list, begin instead with the collected presentation of the sequence, or choose some other point of entry. (You may want to bookmark this index page for later reference.) On the component pages you will find a large number of textual links representing various lines of connection and development.

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Editor, Postmodern Culture.

Created in 1998 by Adrian Miles, details, republished 2006.