Singin' in the Rain:

Within academic and educational contexts the use of hypertext has generally been understood in terms of existing models of production and publication. The effect of this has been that the academic essay, as traditionally understood, has maintained its generic authority, and hypertext has simply been used a publication format. Obviously, the World Wide Web is a major example of this, where the formal academic essay has been preserved in its traditional linear and hierarchical form.

Perhaps more significantly such forms of electronic writing, in their emphasis on publication, have allowed questions of writing as praxis to remain relatively untouched. Hence when writing an essay for electronic publication the academic can rely on what is now the staple of the academic writer, the word processor, to produce a well written, carefully edited, linear essay.

However, just as hypertext publication can incorporate the multilinear by virtue of the link, so hypertext can be written in an environment that is also multilinear and link driven. This essay is written in such an environment and so its repetition, redundancies, and meanderings are a result of not only a multilinear publication format, but are a direct result of a multilinear writing methodology. (The Storyspace version of this essay will be available for download.)

Created in 1998 by Adrian Miles, details, republished 2006.