Singin' in the Rain:
sequence structure

In the same manner that Singin' in the Rain has a deep narrative structure so too does the "You Were Meant for Me" sequence. The latter is, as a matter of course, a repetition of the former.

soundstage narrative map

Semiotic square of "You Were Meant for Me"

The sequence folds the romance of the film into its 'musicality' so that the argument about whether Don is or is not a 'legitimate lover' (that is, serious and not just a Hollywood playboy) is described by the transformation of the mute and dark stage into the setting for a musical seduction.

This seduction, is of course not only Kathy's but ours, and while its currency may appear to be romantic its economy is in fact one of cinematic transformation.

Created in 1998 by Adrian Miles, details, republished 2006.